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My First Memory

My First Memory(Essay)by: D. S. Mullis   I don’t remember being born…I don’t remember being carried to an old lady’s house out in the country, out from Augusta, Georgia, before I was eighteen months old.  I don’t remember having infantigo.  I… More »My First Memory

Chomp hits the road

Mullis offers 3-in-1 Gator Chomp CD with revised lyrics. By TIM Published: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 6:14 AM EDT Gator Chomp is hitting the road.Mike Mullis, co-writer of the original Gator Chomp song, has revised the lyrics to include… More »Chomp hits the road

Mullis, Cynthia

Cynthia Mullis, "Inside Job" Saxophonist Cynthia Mullis releases her debut recording on OA2 Records entitled ‘Inside Job’ featuring the outstanding Northwest rhythm section of Chris Spencer on guitar, Doug Miller on bass, and Steve Korn on drums. Rounding out the… More »Mullis, Cynthia

Bill Mullis

Rev. Mullis played guitar and sang most all his life in clubs and bars in the southeast, until Jesus Christ entered in and changed his tune. Now with burning desire he travels and ministers in song to all the hearts… More »Bill Mullis