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Lakeland man shot and killed

May 3, 2008

Lakeland — Wayne Mullis woke up to a sound no one wants to hear. “Around 5:15 AM I heard three gun shots. It was a bam, bam. Waited a couple of seconds and another shot, bam.”

One of those bullets hit 49-year-old Robert Lee Williams in the chest and killed him as he was riding his bicycle on 6th Street. Officers say that Williams was shot at intersection of 6th Street and Talley Avenue as he rode his bike.

And than tried to make a run for it.”I got up and stuck my head out the door and saw the gentleman take about 5 or 6 steps, kind of stumbling and dropped,” said Mullis. That’s when he called 9-1-1.

Officers did make one arrest. “Right now we can’t release the name of that suspect because of the investigation. We don’t want to mess it up,” said Lakeland Police Chief, Robbie Grantham.

But family members tell us it was William’s nephew, and that the motive of the shooting was drug related. “It appears to be, but actually to say that it is, we can’t say for sure yet,” said Grantham.

“Naturally, you don’t expect to get up and find someone shot to death right in your front door. He was just a few feet from me. I mean it shakes you some,” said Mullis. “There again it’s still shocking there especially since it was a family situation.”

And now a family mourns the loss of two of their relatives to crime. If you have any information on this deadly shooting, call the Lakeland Police Department.

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