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Milroy Monday Study Circle met

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Milroy Monday Study Circle met Sept. 24 at the home
of Martha J. Schneyer. President Marti Mullis opened the meeting by
welcoming everyone. She thanked the hostess for her hospitality. 

Minutes of the previous
meeting were read and the treasurer reported the treasury balance. Dues
were paid by each of the 10 members present.

Judy Springmire presented a very
interesting program on the topic of the Lustron All Steel homes that
were built during a five-year period from 1947 until the early 1950s.
They were totally manufactured in enameled steel in pastel colors,
prewired, bolted together, and were virtually indestructible. There are
still around 1,500 of the homes scattered across 32 states that are
still occupied. There is one located in Cambridge City on U.S. 40.

Refreshments were served during an enjoyable social time.

The October meeting will be at the home of
Eleanor Columbe. For the program, each member is to give a brief review
of a book they have read.

Published October 01, 2007 08:59 pm

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