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Power Failure Strikes Hawaii’s Main Island

AP. “Power Failure Strikes Hawaii’s Main
Island. ” New York Times  [New York,
N.Y.] 10  Apr. 1991, Late Edition (East
Coast): A.17. New York

Copyright New York Times Company Apr 10,

The failure of a transmission line knocked out power throughout
Hawaii’s most-populous island, Oahu, this morning, stranding people
in elevators, tangling traffic and disrupting some

The lights went out at 8:34 A.M. The Hawaiian Electric Company
said power was restored to about half the island by late afternoon
and full service was expected tonight.

Extra police officers were called in to help direct traffic, but
motorists were advised to stay off the roads. The island has a
population of 850,000.

Marilyn Kali, spokeswoman for the State Department of
Transportation, said the Honolulu airport was operating “manually
but normally.”

The problem occurred with four lines carrying power from the
utility’s main generating plant on the island’s west coast to
Honolulu on the southeast coast, said a spokesman for the utility,
Jim Mullis. One line was down for repairs when two others failed
for an unknown reason, Mr. Mullis said. The utility shut down the
fourth line to avoid overloading it, he said.

The Board of Water Supply advised residents to reduce water use,
since the utility requires electricity to replenish reservoirs.
Several radio stations with generators remained on the air and
answered questions from callers.

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