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The hunt for water is on

Updated: 08/23/2007 07:20 AM
David Kernodle

WAXHAW, N.C. — More than three-quarters of North Carolina counties are
in a severe drought, with many county leaders asking residents to start
conserving. Some have even required water restrictions.

The drought conditions have some searching for water.

this area we used to go from 200-250 feet,” said Dave Mullis of Mullis
Well Drillings on the search for water. “We have to now go 300-400
feet. Yesterday we went 700 feet.”

The search
for suitable water is growing, especially for people like Kevin Lital,
a landscaper responsible for an upstart housing development in Union
County. He needs water to keep the grass green, and the flowers in

“The counties and the surrounding counties with the drought, there is
no water available for landscaping so we have to seek alternative
measure, having to drill wells,” said Lital.

Well-water experts say well users should consider the same restrictions as public utilities.


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